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Body painting is about using the human body as a blank canvas for artwork. I use water based paints and additonal extras such as ears, or eyelashes for character creation.

All of the paints wash off easily. Some stunning effects can be acheived by adding accessories such as wigs and jewels and sequins.

I can also add glitter and metalic effects for texture and highlights, feathers and ribbons and spikes and rings.

Pregnant mums may want to adorn their bellies with artwork, perhaps at a baby shower or maybe you have a special event or show or just want to have your body painted for fun.

You will need to be patient as it can take a few hours for a complex design for a full body. The results are quite beautiful.

I love painting onto skin and watching the transformation from person to painting!

Cultures from all over the world have used paint to adorn the body.

Why not have a go yourself? Use the contact form and subject heading Body Painting and I will chat with you about your idea.