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Monique Zahavi - Naked Soul Art - Artist

I am Monique Zahavi, a psychology student at Birkbeck and a contemporary artist, body painter and blogger and I live and work in London.

The inpsiration for my work comes from my experiences of the different facets of my life. So much to paint and so little time! 
I have been blogging for many years and Naked Soul Art is a forum to show my own work and work on collaborative projects with other artists and talented photographers.
On canvas, I use bold colours, working with both oil and acrylic paints, reflecting the emotive nature of my subject matter. My images are often dramatic with the intention of evoking a response from the viewer. I like people to think about the image, to decide for themselves what to take from it. Anonymity in much of my work allows the viewer to imagine in a way that a recognisable face does not.
My works are often about people. I see beauty in everyone, male or female and try to capture the essence of something that reflects the inner person. 
I am largely self-taught, but have had some formal training from some great teachers, top body painters, artists and input from photographers.  I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and use texture and colour to create the mood for each piece. My style changes and evolves continually. 
I also use human bodies as canvases and there is something very special beautiful about having a model bare their soul to be painted. Creating beauty on skin, having someone feel great about their body covered in colour not clothes, is wonderful to be a part of. 
Enjoy the site and the art.
Monique x
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